28th of January 2021, 16:30-18:00 CET

Webinar #4
Application of Standards by Factories of the Future for Predictive Maintenance


The ForeSee Cluster webinar #4 aims to exchange valuable visions and project-based experiences, by discussing a set of best practices for future standardisation activities and improvements for industrial IoT and smart manufacturing. The presentation is particularly envisioned by the Predictive Maintenance general framework for zero breakdowns in production lines.
16:30 Introduction of ForeSee Cluster
Sotiris Makris (LMS)
16:40 ForeSee Results on Standardisation
Marco Duarte (INOVA+)
17:00 Standards Application in the ForeSee Projects
17:30 Keynote Speech – Standardisation for predictive maintenance application
Antoine Despojuls, Chairman of the Maintenance Committe of the French Standardisation Body (AFNOR) and board member of French association of maintenance engineers (AFIM).
17:50 Q&A
18:00 End of webinar

Full Recorded Webinar

Standardisation Results & Application in Use Cases
Standardisation for Predictive Maintenance Application


The ForeSee cluster worked together to assess standardisation opportunities and sharing knowledge and best-practices.
The aim is to enable the ForeSee solutions to become standards-compliant, contributing to standards update and future standards formulation.
Standardisation elements evaluated included: Interfaces, communication protocols, quality inspection, management systems, performance monitoring, key risk indicators for manufacturing and others.
Support new regulations and standards to accelerate adoption of the new manufacturing systems.
Easy market acceptance of our solutions.
In this Webinar, we present the summary of results achieved by the ForeSee Cluster in Standardisation Activities.
Besides that examples of application of Standards, Protocols and other set of rules to demonstrate the importance in each project and to the overall industry 4.0. will be introduced.

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