26th of November 2020, 16:00-17:30 CET

Webinar #3
How to Measure ROI
for PdM Applications


The ForeSee Cluster webinar #3 highlights the main aspects of ROI measurements of PdM application.
It presents also the use case applications on production systems in the aviation of UPTIME project
and in the automotive industry of PROPHESY project.
16:00 Introduction
Diego Bartolomé (CRIT)
16:10 Cost Benefit & ROI Calculators for Predictive Maintenance Applications & the Service Optimisation Engine (SOE)
Giannis Kaldis, IntraSoft
16:40 Jaguar Land Rover Use Case
Oscar Alvarado, Jaguar Land Rover
17:00 FFT Production Systems Use Case
Jeroen Versteeg, FFT Produktionssysteme GmbH & Co. KG
17:20 Q&A
17:30 End of webinar

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Keynote Speech
Jaguar Land Rover Use Case
FFT Production Systems Use Case

Keynote Speech

The keynote speech on “Cost Benefit & ROI Calculators for Predictive Maintenance Applications & the Service Optimisation Engine (SOE)” is delivered by Giannis Kaldis, Exploitation team leader in PROPHESY.
PROPHESY has produced a portfolio of free-to-use online tools, addressed to the wider Predictive Maintenance community, and to mid-upper level managers of industrial IoT deployments in general for optimal decision making.
Foresee Cluster members, as well as wider Industry professionals may find potential added value in using these online tools, webforms and downloadable offline calculators for their applications. These include:
    • Benchmarking against Best-in-Class Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Deployments
    • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) breakdown
    • Replacement Asset Value (RAV) KPIs
    • Before-After Cost Benefit Comparisons
    • Cost-Benefit draft estimates before deployment, when considering PdM solutions
    • Analytic ROI calculators including IRR, NPV, Payback and similar metrics
    • O.E.E. and Direct Cost of Downtime Calculators based on SMRP BOK formulas
    • The online SOE (Service Optimisation Engine) composition tool which selects appropriate chains of application service bricks to compose optimal predictive maintenance solutions based on economic, efficiency and usability optimisation criteria through graphical UX/UI.
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Use Cases

Jaguar Land Rover Use Case

The presentation includes an overview of the applications of the PROPHESY platform to the three specific JLR use cases within our Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton, UK.
Giannis Kaldis covers the technical challenges we overcame when implementing ML algorithms for the prediction of “Remaining Useful Life” of machining tools and machine components, from integration of the machine sensors as part of the PROPHESY platform to the meaningful analysis and processing of the production raw data in order to achieve the desired results. The implementation and integration of visualisation tools such as RUL dashboards and the use of AR for Remote maintenance are also part of the scope.
A brief summary of a Techno-Economic Evaluation of the adoption of PdM services and a PROPHESY Expansion and Replication plan will also be presented.
Such a use case is made for the opportunity for future collaboration in the development of PdM solutions between JLR and the PROPHESY partners, or even other organisations involved in the ForeSee Cluster.
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FFT Production System Use Case

FFT is headquartered in Fulda, Germany and designs and builds turn-key production lines and test systems for automotive, aerospace and general industry.
FFT use case in UPTIME  focusses on one specific production logistics asset used in the aviation industry, so-called “jig” for the transport of wing covers of commercial aircraft. The reliability of production logistics assets is a critical cost factor in the production of high-value products such as aircraft and needs to be considered along with the reliability of other production equipment to ensure a timely, cost-effective and high-quality production processes. Due to the critical nature of the deployment of these assets, the requirements are both technically and organisationally very high.
The presentation is delivered by Jeroen Versteeg, who currently manages FFT’s contribution to UPTIME, which uses the UPTIME platform to predict the state of mobile transportation jigs used to transport wing skins for Europe’s largest aircraft OEM by land, sea and air, and the co-development of a generic mobile IoT sensor platform (UPTIME SENSEnode) used and tested in this deployment.
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Giannis Kaldis is the exploitation team leader in PROPHESY and a Senior Business Consultant of
Intrasoft International SA.
Oscar Alvarado is the PROPHESY Project Lead and an Advanced Manufacturing Technology Senior Engineer of Powertrain Manufacturing Engineering of Jaguar Land Rover.
Jeroen Versteeg has a MSc. Mechanical Engineering degree from Twente University, with a specialisation in Industrial Automation. For FFT, he has contributed to projects such as building Airbus’ A320 Assembly line in Tianjin, China, and COMAC’s C919 Equipping Line in Shanghai, China, the latter as FFT China Head of Aviation Department. Jeroen strives to enable people to “Work smarter, not harder”, by implementing innovative processes and novel software integrations to increase quality and productivity.

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